If you’ve made the decision to try for a baby, then you’re probably emotionally prepared for parenthood — but is your body as well prepared as your mind?


Whether you are just deciding to start a family, have been trying for years, or have experienced failed IVF cycles, it is important to provide your body with the right nutrients to support normal sperm and egg development and your reproductive health.


Scientific evidence shows that sperm and egg quality is the single most important factor in determining whether they will combine to fertilise and survive, and then whether an embryo is capable of implanting and leading to a viable pregnancy.

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Many factors can influence our ability to conceive a child: the age at which we plan to start a family; nutrition; the amount of exercise we take; our weight; pre-existing medical conditions; environmental exposure to chemicals and pesticides; smoking; alcohol; caffeine; taking illegal drugs, and even just the normal stress of everyday life.


Until quite recently, it was thought that little could be done to improve the quality of a man’s sperm or a woman’s eggs.


There is now a growing body of scientific evidence to suggest that both men and women can improve their fertility by adopting a healthier lifestyle: by taking regular exercise and maintaining an appropriate weight, by reducing alcohol intake, by following a healthy diet, and by not smoking.


This research has shown that specific nutrients can help provide additional energy to the developing sperm and egg cell, and also protect them from oxidative stress, by providing the protective effects of antioxidants and other nutrients that support normal fertilisation and reproduction.

ProXeed, fertility supplements you can trust


Fertility and diet are, of course, complex and sensitive areas of health science; if you are trying for a baby, you want to be able to benefit from specialist, trustworthy expertise. Only the best is good enough.


That is why the ProXeed range of high-quality fertility supplements – ProXeed Women and ProXeed Plus for Men – has been formulated by the experts at Sigma-Tau, a leading pharmaceutical company that has dedicated over 50 years of scientific research to the function metabolism plays in maintaining our health.


ProXeed fertility supplements, containing high quality vitamins and energy-producing carnitines, are designed to give your body everything it might need to encourage healthy reproduction and to increase the chances of conception.


Every year, hundreds of couples supplement their diet with ProXeed.


Simple, safe and effective, ProXeed fertility supplements are produced in accordance with the highest standards, using only top-quality pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and meticulous manufacturing practices.


Taken regularly, ProXeed Plus for men and ProXeed Women can increase your chances of conceiving a child.

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