What is Proxeed Plus?

Proxeed Plus is a  fertility supplement with carnitines, vitamins and minerals specifically designed to support healthy sperm development and maximise a man’s chances of fathering a child.

Its unique patented formulation contains the right balance of high-quality nutrients and vitamins to support the natural metabolic processes of normal fertility and reproduction.

The ingredients in Proxeed Plus have been shown to play a critical role in the development of sperm, and in assuring its quality and performance, by providing energy to the developing sperm cell, while simultaneously protecting it from oxidative stress.

Who should take Proxeed Plus?

ProXeed Plus is recommended for all men who:

  • want to optimise sperm health and maximise their chances of fathering a child
  •  are experiencing fertility problems
  •  are recovering following varicocele repair and vasectomy reversal procedures
  •  are preparing for assisted reproductive techniques (ART)
  •  have a poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle: smoke, don’t take regular exercise, feel stressed, drink too much alcohol

How many calories are in one sachet of Proxeed Plus?

One sachet of Proxeed plus contains 12 kcal.

How should I take Proxeed Plus?

Two sachets of Proxeed Plus should be taken each day, with at least 8 hours between each sachet.

Mix the sachet with 120ml of juice or cold water and stir.  Take Proxeed Plus shortly after mixing and do not store it made up for later use.

Try to establish a routine of taking one in the morning and one in the evening. That way, your chances of remembering to take Proxeed Plus are greatly increased if you take it at the same time each day.

What if I forget to take Proxeed Plus for several days?

If you forget to take Proxeed Plus for several days, simply resume taking it on a regular basis.

How long will I need to take Proxeed Plus?

You should take Proxeed Plus for 4-6 months or for as long as you are trying to conceive.  This is because sperm require approximately 74 days to mature and up to 20 additional days to be capable of fertilization.

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