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Proxeed Men, with patented Tricar Carnitine System to support sperm health


Proxeed fertility supplements for men provide an effective and safe way to support male reproductive health. We offer two male fertility supplements - Proxeed Plus and Proxeed Men.

Proxeed Men is our new and improved formula which is enhanced with the addition of Tricar, a blend of three types of carnitine, as well the amino acid L-arginine and Vitamins D and E. This combination of ingredients works to further improve sperm energy metabolism, increase blood flow and boost antioxidant activity.

Proxeed Plus supports normal sperm production, fertility and reproduction


Proxeed Plus is our original formula and is recommended by doctors to improve the quality of sperm to increase the chances of conception. This formula works to enhance the energy metabolism of the sperm while increasing sperm count, speed, motility and morphology, as well as protecting the sperm from oxidative stress. Proxeed Plus contains vitamins, minerals and carnitines specifically selected to encourage healthy sperm development, maximising the chances of a man becoming a father.

Find out more about the differences between and benefits of Proxeed Plus and Proxeed Men below.

Comparison chart


Proxeed Men Proxeed Plus
Tricar® proprietary blend of 3 main carnitines:
- L-Carnitine fumarate Yes
- Acetyl L-carnitine HCI Yes
- Propionyl L-carnitine HCI Yes No
Fructose Yes Yes
L-Arginine Yes No
Vitamin C Yes Yes
Citric Acid Yes Yes
Coenzyme Q10 Yes Yes
Vitamin E Yes No
Zinc Yes Yes
Selenium Yes Yes
Folic Acid Yes Yes
Vitamin D Yes No