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For women who want to optimise their fertility and increase their chances of pregnancy


At Proxeed, we offer fertility supplements for women who want to optimise their chances of pregnancy. We offer two formulas - Proxeed Women and Proxeed Inositol.

A safe, effective way to boost fertility, our Proxeed Women formula has been clinically proven to support healthy reproduction and ovulation by regulating hormonal activity in women who are trying to conceive. When taken over a six-month period, the ingredients in Proxeed Women work to maintain the quality of eggs, providing them with the energy they need while also protecting them from oxidative stress. It also encourages fertilisation, healthy cell division and successful implantation of the fertilised egg.

Original Proxeed Women enhanced with myoinositol and methylfolate to further support ovulation and hormonal balance


Proxeed Inositol is an enhanced version of our original formula. It contains myoinositol, which has been proven to be especially effective at improving ovulation in women with polycystic ovary syndrome. It also contains methylfolate, which is an active form of folic acid. Proxeed Inositol works to further support hormone balance and ovulation to increase the chances of pregnancy.

You can find more information about the benefits of and differences between Proxeed Women and Proxeed Inositol below.

Comparison chart

Proxeed INOSITOL Proxeed WOMEN
Myo-inositol Yes
L-carnitine Yes Yes
Acetyl-L-carnitine Yes Yes
Folic Acid (methylfolate) Yes
Beta Carotene (source of Vitamin A 800 mcg) Yes Yes
Vitamin B12 Yes Yes
Pantothenic acid Yes Yes
Vitamin B6 Yes Yes
L-Arginine Yes Yes
Vitamin C Yes Yes
Vitamin E Yes Yes
Selenium Yes Yes
Zinc Yes Yes
Copper Yes Yes
Iron Yes Yes
Vitamin D3 Yes Yes
L-cysteine Yes Yes