Proxeed, the trusted fertility supplements for couples trying to conceive

Why Proxeed?

Whether you are just deciding to start a family or have been trying for years, it is important to provide your body with the right nutrients to support normal sperm and egg development.

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Scientific evidence shows that a healthy diet and lifestyle can support sperm and egg quality and increase your chances of pregnancy.

Proxeed are clinically proven, high quality food supplements designed to give your body all the important nutrients it might need to support healthy fertility and reproduction.

Proxeed Plus for men and Proxeed Women contain vitamins, minerals and energy producing carnitines to support healthy sperm production and egg quality. 

Simple, safe and effective, Proxeed is produced in accordance with the highest standards, using only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and meticulous manufacturing practices. 

Proxeed supplements are recommended by fertility doctors worldwide to increase the chances of pregnancy.

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Supports female fertility and

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for men

Supports normal sperm development and fertility

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